Our skills and expertise

An integrated approach for lasting success

We believe in bringing together different areas of expertise to help our customers implement offensive and defensive communication strategies.

This combination guarantees an appropriate response to each challenge, ensuring effective communication.

Public affairs & engagement strategy

Internal communication

Ensuring that employees are informed and engaged, and that the company’s key messages are fully understood internally.

Government relations

Working with governments, understanding current policies and legislation and how they may affect our customers, and defending their interests with policymakers.

Policy Intelligence

Assess and predict the impact of government and regulatory policies. Monitoring political trends, analyzing opinions and feelings on public policy or regulatory issues, identifying opportunities and potential threats linked to certain policies. Policy Intelligence helps decision-makers make more informed and effective decisions.

Regulatory Affairs

Understanding and navigating the regulatory framework in which our customers operate.

Stakeholder engagement

Identify and communicate with the company’s key stakeholders, be they employees, customers, shareholders or local communities.

Reputation management

Managing our customers’ public perception and defending it. 


Influencing policy and legislation by defending the interests of our customers or interest groups with decision-makers.

Crisis communication

We support our customers in preparing for and managing crisis situations. By drawing up tailor-made communication plans, we minimize negative impacts and preserve their reputation, that of their organization and their executives.

Communication strategy

Develop global communication plans to help the company achieve its objectives.

Public Relations &
Media Relations

Media relations

Establish and maintain privileged relations with the media, write press releases and manage media requests.

Reputation management

Managing our customers’ public image and defending it. 


Prepare the organization’s spokespeople to interact effectively with the media.

Research and analysis

Understand media trends, measure and understand opinion to estimate the impact of corporate communications efforts.

Press release writing

Creating tailor-made press releases to meet our customers’ ambitions.


Plan and manage events such as press conferences and product launches.

Crisis management

Prepare and execute action plans to manage crises that could damage our customers’ reputations.

Media relations

Establishing and maintaining relations with journalists and the media. This includes sending out press releases and organizing press conferences, responding to media requests and arranging interviews for our customers.

Digital & Social Media Corporate


Monitor and manage online brand perception.

Digital crisis management

Manage a company’s online communication and reputation in the event of a crisis or reputational problem.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Apply techniques to improve the visibility of a website or content in search engine results.

Campaigning and paid media

Social monitoring and analysis

digital intelligence and management of social listening tools to monitor user sentiment, track trends and measure the effectiveness of communication efforts on social media.

Digital content writing and production

Community management

Animate and moderate online communities to engage users, respond to their questions or concerns, and maintain a positive brand image.

Social media strategy

Develop and implement a coherent corporate strategy on the various social networks to achieve the company’s communication objectives and engage stakeholders.