Our Approach

Public affairs, social media and public relations: three pillars of a successful influence and reputation strategy:

The combination of these three areas of expertise enables us to provide a global, integrated response to your strategic communication challenges, optimizing the influence and reputation of your companies while keeping costs under control.

By working simultaneously on public affairs, corporate social media, executive online presence and public relations, we ensure consistent communication, increased influence and a solid reputation for our customers. 

Public Affairs, Partnerships
and Influence.

Federating stakeholders and creating coalitions of players are essential ingredients in building solid relationships with political and economic decision-makers, as well as with other key players in the sector.

They enable the company to align its interests with those of its partners, and to play an active role in shaping public policy. By forging these close ties, the company increases its influence and credibility, while fostering an environment conducive to its development.

Skills and expertise

Digital and Corporate
Social Media

Social Networks play a major role in our society and in communication nowadays. An active and fully controlled presence of companies and their leaders on these platforms enables them to address their audiences directly, share their vision and strengthen the bond of trust they have with their community. By adopting transparent and consistent communication, organizations and their leaders strengthen their reputation and help build strong, ongoing relationships with stakeholders.

Skills and expertise

Public relations and Media relations

Public relations and media relations are essential to control a company’s image in the media and towards the general public. Managing communication with the media makes it possible to control the discourse surrounding the company, highlight its successes and manage negative impacts. Public relations and Media relations guarantee positive visibility and a solid reputation for the company, and continue to be powerful, long-lasting statutory relays in an increasingly fragmented media environment.

Skills and expertise