Next-generation communication and public affairs agency

CommStrat offers its expertise to executives and companies to navigate the new public discourse in an ever-changing world.

Thanks to a strong expertise, our agency has established itself as one of the new market leaders in strategic communication in Paris, with an international perspective, thanks to an active network throughout Europe, the USA, and Africa.

Our team of highly experienced strategists, trained in the political, media, and corporate worlds, relies on a deep understanding of decision-making processes, media, and the public sphere.

We enhance this expertise with data analyses and the use of the most suitable artificial intelligence tools.

Aware that the permeability of organizations is gradually blurring the boundaries between online and offline, internal and external communication, politics and CSR, corporate and crisis communication, we provide holistic and agile advice that meets these new requirements

Our business, Augmented Public Affairs

We believe in a decompartmentalized approach to expertise, augmented by data.

Our methodology is built around three key areas of expertise: public affairs, which, combined with the power of social media and public relations, guarantee influence and impact for companies and their executives.

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“CommStrat stands out from traditional “lobbying” agencies by its ability to offer enhanced public affairs services, a true asset in giving our clients an edge, whether for offensive or defensive communication.”

The values we stand for


We strive to understand the expectations and constraints of our clients, to tailor our advice and services to their realities, and to support them in their growth.


We are driven by our commitment to independence of thought, the freedom to debate, and the belief that every company and every employee deserves to thrive in an ever-changing world. We apply these same principles to our internal management, promoting individual initiative and the full contribution of each team member to our mission.


Creativity is a key element of our work. As advisors, our duty is to offer innovative and tailored solutions to help our clients stand out and succeed in a competitive environment.


Our combativeness, in turn, reflects our determination to defend our clients’ interests and support them against the shocks of of today’s public debate.

By choosing CommStrat, our clients benefit from a dedicated and passionate team, ready to help them navigate the intricacies of public debate and
develop their potential.

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